New beginnings

This is like my millionth attempt at writing a blog, but here goes the one millionth and one attempt!

I'm a teaching assistant and mentor at a alternative provision school for students who have social, emotional and behavioural needs. My day to day role is split between being in centre; where I act as a mentor and try to support students in their pastoral and welfare needs, and out-of centre; where I travel around teaching and mentoring young people whose needs are too complex to be in our centre full time.

I'm also a trainee counsellor who is currently undertaking my level 4 diploma in counselling and, as I'm advocate and strong believer in mindfulness with young people, I have completed my Connected Kids certificate in mindfulness and meditation for children and young people.

I hoping this blog will not only be used as a platform to share and explore my ideas and interests regarding my job, but also as a place where I can truly document the unexpected and spontaneous nature of my job and the amazing and valuable benefits I receive from it!



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