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What is a 5 Point Scale?

I use 5 Point Scales all the time at work. The 5 Point Scale is a visual, non-verbal way of communicating emotions and feelings.

The Scale can be completely unique and customisable to the situation and child/young person you're working with but the basic version consists of the numbers 1-5 with each number being associated to a feeling and a colour:

5 - Mad, I can not cope! (RED)
4 - Angry (ORANGE)
3 - Frustrated or Anxious (YELLOW)
2 - Annoyed, but can cope (GREEN)
1 - Calm OK  (BLUE)

How do I use the 5 Point Scale?

I often use the 5 Point Scale alongside trigger lists and questionnaires to help identify specific triggers for my students that may automatically put them on a 3 or 4. This can the also help us identify things that make them feel calm and okay.

The 5 Point scale can also be used to help students self-regulate their own emotions by giving them a visual to associate with and by giving them greater awareness over their feelings which, if used consistently and regularly as p…

My life saver!

My secret lifesaver is... Twinkl!!!
Heard of it? If you haven't you must have been living under a rock!

Twinkl is an online resource site for people working within the education profession. They cater from Early Years all the way up to Secondary school. They create individual resources, units of work, interactive topic-themed resources and a creation tool for making your own resources. You just download them off their site and print as many as you need as they're all in handy PDF formats!

Like, no joke, this place is amazing! I love creating my own resources but sometimes there is just not enough time in the day for that. That's when I turn to Twinkl. Whether I'm teaching Maths, English or Science to my students or whether I need something to support my mentoring or emotional literacy work, Twinkl has me covered!

Here are some of my favourite resources from Twinkl:…